Southern Telecom Brought Packard Bell Cool Gaming Gears at 2019 @CES

LA OC Magazine /
We have been seeing Southern Telecom giant booth for many years, but this year we got a really good look inside their booth and learn about their cool technologies and business brilliance.

One of the brands that Southern Telecom has is Packard Bell.  Now this is a legendary brand that has a deep root in the personal computer history.  The early days of the computer giants, Packard Bell has dominated a segment of the market for a long time.  Now through a long history of changing hands, Southern Telecom has acquired and reinvent the brand with cool gadgets.

Taking the sleek and functional gaming chair series.  It has great ergonomic design, plus ingenious addition of cooling seating pad.  Now a fierce gamer can sit comfortably in their chairs and still keep cool!