W&HM Press Relay: KW Variant 4 coilover kit developed for BMW M8 Competition: Everday use performance for the BMW supersports car

(W&HM Press Relay)

KW Variant 4 coilover kit developed for BMW M8 Competition: Everday use performance for the BMW supersports car

Fichtenberg (Germany), July 3rd, 2020 – Nearly 20 years after production of the iconic BMW 8-series (E31) came to a halt, the official successor the BMW 8-series G15 was released in 2018 and then the supersport version BMW M8 (F92) for the first time in summer 2019. The KW Variant 4 coilover suspension kit is now available for the up to 625 hp strong BMW M8 coupé. The special feature of this coilover suspension is the high-performance dampers, which, like the standard suspension in the BMW M4 GTS, have three-way adjustable damper settings. In combination with a maximum lowering of up to 35 millimeters, the M8 Competition (F92) impresses in everyday driving. With the possibility of setting the dampers separately in the rebound, low-speed, and high-speed compression, the preset performance setting of the Variant 4 can be changed to a comfort-oriented road setup. On harsh roads or high-speed passages on the freeway, the suspension provides a sporty, comfortable, and impressive safe handling all at the same time. For further information please visit www.kwsuspensions.net

With three-way high-performance dampers, the KW Variant 4 coilover suspension for BMW M8 (F92), and BMW M8 (F92) Competition is an ideal way to combine the demand for a continuously adjustable lowering with increased handling, ride comfort, and driving safety. The damper technology developed by KW automotive, which is also used in the original equipment of the limited production series BMW M4 GTS, ensures a significant plus in cornering stability even at high velocities. The body's tendency to roll in fast corners is reduced. "During the development of our Variant 4, the focus was on driving fun with a gain in driving and especially lateral dynamics. With their adjustable multi-valve KW technology, our dampers also increase driving comfort," says KW brand manager Jonas Ehrmann. "Through the independently adjustable compression and rebound damping in the low and high-speed range, our factory-set performance setting can be changed at any time to a drive comfort-oriented setup". With 16 precise clicks, the rebound forces can be set for stiffer handling or more ride comfort. Using the two compression adjuster wheels directly on the damper, it is precisely possible to adjust the steering behavior and other parameters such as ride comfort and tire grip. With six clicks in low-speed pressure (seven characteristic curves) and 15 clicks in high-speed compression (16 characteristic curves), the KW Variant 4 allows a large tuning range for an individual damper setup. In addition to the "Performance Setup" preset from the factory, our technical documentation also includes a manual for adjusting the dampers. The KW valve technology also features a blow-off characteristic. The resulting high low-speed damper forces provide support for the vehicle body without causing the body to lift off at wheel-excited high damper speeds (crossing bumps). Just a few clicks give the BMW more driving dynamics or ride comfort - depending on the individual settings. When converting to the KW Variant 4 coilover suspension kit, a so-called cancellation kit is also installed. With the exception of the adaptive damper control, all assistance and driving dynamics systems of the BMW M8 remain active. Within the scope of the parts kit, the M8 Competition and the M8 can be lowered continuously from 15 - 35 mm. "In various super sports cars, our Variant 4 technology is already being used from car manufacturers, so drivers of the BMW M8 can now also retrofit this award-winning performance damper technology." For further information please visit www.kwsuspensions.net

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