W&HM PR Relay CES 2021: HD Medical Unveils HealthyU™, the World’s First Intelligent All-in-One Remote Patient Monitor for Telehealth and Wellness

W&HM Press Release Relay:

HD Medical Unveils HealthyU™, the World’s First Intelligent All-in-One Remote Patient Monitor for Telehealth and Wellness

HealthyU™ monitors multiple clinical parameters (vital signs) in addition to built-in 7-lead ECG (industry leading) and stethoscope in one simple device
Enables the patient and provider to connect remotely through an integrated platform or any video conferencing tool
Santa Clara, Calif. – January 11, 2020 – At CES’21, HD Medical Inc. today introduces HealthyU™, an intelligent remote patient monitoring device, in response to the ongoing challenges of remote Tele-Health, Cardiac Care and Wellness during the pandemic and beyond.
Responding to the ongoing challenges of remote patient monitoring and cardiac care during the pandemic, HD Medical Inc., today introduces HealthyU™, an intelligent remote patient monitoring device.
HealthyU™ is the first home device to provide:
  • 7-lead ECG (without wires)

  • Heart Sounds with Murmur Analysis

  • Lung Sounds

  • Heart Rate

  • Pulse Oximetry (SpO2/blood oxygen saturation)

  • Temperature

  • Respiratory Rate

  • Cuffless Blood Pressure

The Future of Telehealth and Home Monitoring
As the medical community seeks new ways to deliver care, HealthyU™ takes multiple complex healthcare devices and turns them into one easy-to-use device for the patient and the provider to connect via a simple HD App and HD Cloud Platform for intelligent insights, or also with any video conferencing and screen sharing tool for remote consultation.
Providers can listen live to the heart and lung sounds using HD Steth, HD Medical’s flagship intelligent stethoscope technology, cleared by FDA in July 2020 for Electronic Stethoscope, Phonocardiograph and Electrocardiograph.
Created with and available first to those with cardiac care and monitoring needs, HealthyU™ will be available to clinical partners for research and corporate wellness partners seeking employee wellness offerings of this caliber, as well as for telehealth pilot programs under IRB Protocol in accordance with FDA Regulations. HD Medical will be seeking Emergency Use Authorization from the FDA to make available in the U.S. and enable fully informed at-home doctor-patient visits during the pandemic and beyond.
"HealthyU is one of those rare medical devices that is truly a game changer in patient care. Being so user friendly and clinically sound, this device can be used in many different clinical scenarios and can truly be a lifesaver for multitudes of patients, who have the possibility of obtaining care while at home." said Dr. Shaun Setty, MD of The Larry and Helen Hoag Endowed Chair of Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgery in Los Angeles, CA.
“2020 has put greater emphasis on the need to advance remote patient monitoring technology, which is why we have prioritized bringing integrated sensors and intelligent insights into the home that make it easy for patients to use and viable for providers to leverage during care,” said Arvind Thiagarajan, founder and CEO of HD Medical. “HealthyU™ performs wireless ECG outside of the hospital while incorporating auscultation (heart and lung sounds) and other important vitals. By simplifying the remote monitoring process, we’ve ensured this technology can be leveraged by anyone that needs it.”
HealthyU is currently intended for investigational use only, not for sale in the United States until after FDA clearance. HD Medical expects that HealthyU will be available for sale in the US by the third quarter of 2021, subject to FDA clearance process, which is being undertaken expeditiously. In the meantime, HealthyU will be available to clinical partners for research and corporate wellness programs, as well as tele-health pilot programs under the IRB protocol in accordance with FDA regulations.
To become a HealthyU™ partner, email info@hdmedicalgroup.com. For more information on HD Medical Inc., visit http://www.hdmedicalgroup.com/.  
About HD Medical, Inc.
HD Medical, Inc. is a Silicon Valley-based innovator of digital health solutions for AI-enabled detection and management of cardiovascular disease (CVD). HD Steth has been awarded FDA clearance (K201299). The company delivers its intelligent cardiac care solutions and products globally to medical professionals and institutions through channel partners. For more information, please visit www.hdmedicalgroup.com.
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