An Incredible and Fun Capture of an Iceberg (Bergy Bit) Sprouting!

An Iceberg Sprouting? Who Knew?

Written by Py Pai, Antarctica (literally)

A big thank you to the great Naturalist lecturer, Rob Raincock to teach us on various amazing natural animals and life cycles at the Antarctica.  We were so inspired, our camera and our fingers just snapped one of the rare moment of an iceberg (bergy bit) sprouting in the wild. It's such a unusual sighting that made us reach to Rob for information. He explained that the bergy bits bob up and down the water and created cavities that allow water to sprout out of those cavities. Such a nature's wonder!!

We are so happy to share it with you here! And if you are sitting in one of Rob's lectures, you are in a big treat! He is such an amazing and high knowledge naturalist teacher! Thank you Rob!

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