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Linxens solutions improve patient diagnosis and monitoring


Linxens, a global expert in the electronics industry specializing in the design and manufacture of micro-connectors, RFID antennas and biosensors, develops smart medical solutions enabling more accurate, efficient and personalized patient monitoring and diagnosis, thus improving the overall standard of care.

The group presented its new brand identity in November 2023, revealing its three sub-brands within the group. One of these is Linxens Healthcare, aimed at healthcare professionals. With Linxens Healthcare, the group extends its expertise and offers smart medical solutions to enable more precise and effective patient monitoring.

Expertise and commitment to medical progress

The acquisition of Nile in 2022, a company dedicated to the development and production of electronic medical patches, was a major step in Linxens' growth strategy into the professional healthcare market. Linxens operates in three main areas : biosensors, skin patches and track & trace.

The group analyzes and processes medical data for better diagnosis and health monitoring. Linxens supports manufacturers in this sector by providing them with high-quality data and reliable, secure transmission systems.

Thanks to its know-how and expertise, the group has become the preferred partner of pharmaceutical subcontractors (CDMOs), offering them cutting-edge, highly customized solutions.

Detecting and monitoring to prevent health risks

Whether electrochemical or physicochemical, biosensors can capture signals from a variety of sources, depending on requirements. They enable non-invasive monitoring, early detection and monitoring of disease progression. Integrated into a variety of solutions, they offer improved management and quality of life for patients, particularly those with chronic illnesses. 

Biosensors are also effective in infectious disease screening tests requiring early, rapid and accurate detection, or in the pharmaceutical industry for monitoring key parameters such as temperature to ensure correct storage of biological products.

Furthermore, beyond the professional medical sector, they are also very useful in the sports sector, as they enable monitoring of physiological parameters such as heart rate, oxygen saturation and hydration levels, enabling athletes and coaches to optimize training, prevent injury and improve performance.

Monitor and analyze directly from the skin

Remote monitoring skin patches can be used for a variety of purposes, and can be customized to meet specific needs. They enable continuous, non-invasive monitoring of heart disease, as an example. Based on the information gathered, caregivers are able to personalize the treatment. This technology also represents a major advance in pregnancy monitoring, enabling early detection of potential health problems and thus reducing the number of hospital admissions.

In addition, this device supports the monitoring of skin parameters such as hydration levels and pH balance, enabling the delivery of active stimulation to activate cell regeneration and anti-aging effects.

Improving the life cycle of medical devices

Linxens RFID and NFC tags can be adapted to any application. They optimize the lifecycle of devices by ensuring better traceability, while streamlining maintenance and repair operations. These labels are built to withstand high temperatures and harsh environments.

They also help reduce counterfeiting and increase product security through more reliable authentication systems. Thanks to them, teams can more easily manage stocks and improve patient safety through tracking.

Finally, to prevent analysis errors, RFID and NFC tags can contain information such as calibration or usage parameters for each consumable.

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About Linxens
A major player in the global electronics industry, Linxens designs and manufactures RFID microconnectors and antennas for security, identity and IoT, as well as biosensors and wearables for connected health. With over 120 billion micro-connectors and 6 billion RFID antennas produced to date, Linxens develops technology solutions based on its components for the telecoms, transport, hospitality, leisure, financial services, government, access control, healthcare and IoT markets. Headquartered in France, Linxens has 9 production sites, 5 R&D centers and employs 3,500 people worldwide. For further information: https://www.linxens.com

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