Anime and Car Automation? We Love it! Toyota Boshoku at @CES 2019 by #LAOCMAG / Py Pai
Besides Ishita car culture, it's hard to imagine a real case for Japanese anime in the car industry.  However, Toyota Boshoku has brought us this fancy integration.

In the CES 2019 gigantic show, tucked in the Westgate hall behind North Hall, there was the innovative company.  Toyota Boshoku is a member company of Toyota car company.  They came up with some of the extremely intriguing and creative way to interact with human inside a car.

Here is a case of an autonomous vehicle that allows the riders inside to enjoy an anime guided tour.  This is huge!!  The simple augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR) is extremely mature now.  A simple character integration is not a far down the road kind of concept either. However, by using the anime character, Toyota Boshoku has introduced a different world experience, and merging the animation / (someday anime robotic) / human boundaries to the reality.

Through the quick showcase, we learned how the rider can change their angle and interact with the anime character.  Maybe this is the precursor of Japanese Gundam realization at work.

Toyota Bushoku