The Future of Passenger Drone by Bell Showcased at 2019 @CES by @laocmag
 It's gigantic, it's intimidating, yet it's so fascinating.  Bell has brought us the futuristic looking drone that has a slick blue color design and attracted a non-stop stream of attendees at 2019 CES to experience the drone interior first hand.

As you can see from the size of the thing, it's totally for transporting people from one spot to another.  You may say, helicopters have been around for ages, what's so special about this drone?  Well, it's coming back to the fundamental differences that are inherited from the two engineering designs. Maneuverability, stability, cost of replacement and maintenance and purposes are all considered here.

Nonetheless, simply from the aesthetic point of view, the eye feast of the Bell Drone is just so awe-striking that you are naturally attracted to it and come to it with your reflex.  We sure look forward to see the future advancement and utility of the machinery.  Terminator or not, they are coming for sure.

Bell Passenger Drone