Everything You Dreamed of Parasol Showcased in Bloom, by ShadeCraft at 2019 @CES by @laocmag


At the CES 2019 we encountered some very interesting technology.  One of them is the giant parasol that we saw at the ShadeCraft booth.  The huge umbrellas are not props that get people's attention; they are actually a functional products, and they definitely got people's attention.

The smallest of them all, still a good outdoor size, is a robotic parasol that can be extended and retracted via phone command.  It also has Bluetooth speaker that is perfect for a situation that requires such a convenience, i.e. a swimming pool or a lake side backyard.

The three sizes of the parasols reflect the three tiers of the pricing different in number of digits of the prices, as well as their intended use, home, commercial and luxury.

Next time you have friends over, wouldn't it be cool to open the parasol and start playing music all from your palm with your phone?