NEON Life is Stunningly Rendered, and Hyperrealistically Interacting with Show Attendees at 2020 CES

We totally fell in love with the NEON Life booth.  Why?  NEON is a virtual human company.   It has very impressive display of their technology.  There are wall to wall vertical 2-meter monitors and each one display a professional character with vivid actions.  You can see many professionals being presented, including reporter (like us but much more professional looking), baby sitter, flight attendant, K-Pop singer (above) and many more.
During the demo, the development lead showed us that he can interact with the virtual human with various commands to move facial expressions.  The level of control is pretty impressive.
According to them, current version is based on the real characters to model.  In the future, they are considering fully virtualized without human models. 
The use of this service can be immense.  We can only see how far it can go!


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