Nifty Concept and Well Excuted Electronic License Plate by Installer Net, Shown at 2020 CES

This one really caught our eyes. Electronic license plate is a at first a bit of scratch of our heads.  License plate's single function is to identify the car's identity. What else can it do?  It turned out that it can do a lot, and is a very nifty idea!

Electronic license plate by Installer Net has been approved in several states in the US.  Its utility is actually much more than we expected.  Not only showing the registration ID, it can also update the status of toll payments, and it can even set off alarms of Amber Alert, or even Stolen sign if the car is stolen. Additionally, the charge status of the car, and parking limits, and many other functions.  We totally love the concept!
We are a converted electronic license believer now!


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