Super Cute And Capable Instant Cameras from Kodak and Polaroid at @CES 2019 #CES by #LAOCMAG

Cute and Smart Instant Cameras Garnered Great Attentions at CES 2019 / Py Pai

"Oh, they are soooo cute!  I want to go over there and take some selfies so bad!", said one of the professional staff at a nearby booth by Polaroid in CES this year.  Last year we've seen the actions of Polaroid and Kodak for the everlasting instant camera industry.  This year, it's double down and showed strong surge in interest.

The instant cameras have been available for decades.  They had ups and downs and in recent scores of years, in sharp decline.  After retreating to a dark corner, they suddenly came back as a nostalgia item for the millenials that have never exposed to the original edition of this technology.

As Polaroid came back with the happy and chirpy color casings, Kodak one upped them by adding the phone connectivity.  It's an ironic but genius idea to create such bond between the two dramatically different camps.  We say it's brilliant!

Polaroid I-TYPE camera


Kodak Smile Classic